When we got the call to put a modern car on the wall the first thing you think is someone taking the mickey?? But then it sinks in that this could well be a possibility and even if there were no guarantees of pulling it off, we couldn't really turn it down…

It all took place at the Demon Drome HQ where we went too great lengths to ensure we had the best environment to achieve our remarkable goal. Extra steal ropes were used around the drome to compensate for the added weight, the floor and track gained needed supports and a level concrete base meant we were all set and ready to rock n roll!

The Mazda2 a 1.5-litre three-door Sport model - was handed over to Kent-based Jota Sport, the outfit that also developed the race-winning MX-5 GT that currently campaigns in the British GT Championship. Its technicians removed the seats and installed a bucket seat with full race harness. Simon Cotterell, one of Mazda's own technicians, was then on hand at the Demon Drome to deactivate the Mazda2's sophisticated electronic stability system and dual front airbags, but the main worry was the wall being so small and the cars over hang. To combat this the suspension was filled with bump stops making it more ridged and giving a greater ride height. Apart from this the car was standard, straight off the production line.

When the day came to perform the stunt everyone was understandably nervous. The previous days practice had all gone well, all checks had been made and it was time to cheat gravity! Manoeuvring the car onto the track was a challenge in its self, at one point there was only three wheels on the track but once it was in the right position 'Dynomyte' Dave could begin his assent, changing to second gear, building speed getting two wheels up on the wall, it was make or brake, Dave gave it a little bit more, then suddenly he's was vertical! The car was steady and everything held up very well, Dave even managed to give everyone a wave out the window to everyone's amazement! It was a great feat for all involved a real moment to remember. The Demon Drome crew would like to thank everyone that made the dream possible!

The Demon Drome is always looking to push the boundaries in the hunt for adrenaline-fuelled immortality!