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"Imagine watching someone riding at 30mph, 20ft up and parallel to the ground, while riding side-saddle in the shape of a crucifix. Need we say more? - Retro cars Magazine

Demon Drome Wall of Death, brings you vintage thrills and spills on an original 1920's motordrome. Featuring a cast of wild and outlandish acts performing amazing feats of virtuosity within mere feet of the audience. Pushing the limits of physics. The wall of death show you have to see to believe!

"Having seen all of the remaining British Wall of death shows and loving every second of them, my favourite has to be 'Dynomyte' Dave Seymour's Demon Drome." - Dirty Magazine


"There are very few stunts in this world that can compete with a car driving along a wall without the aid of any Hollywood magic. But for those talented enough to pull of such a feat, it makes for some sick viewing."
- Autofixx.com


"I have nothing but respect for the slightly unhinged people who are prepared to defy gravity on old Indian motorcycles for the delecation of the baying masses... If you've never seen the Demon Drome show, do it. Simple as that." - Back Street Heroes Magazine